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The age of adulthood in California is 18, anyone younger than 18 years of age is considered a minor or a Juvenile. Minors and their parents alike believe that because a crime was committed by a young person, that their punishment will be lighter compared to adults. Such is not the case. The same laws that apply to adults also apply to Juveniles.

All juvenile cases are taken very seriously and are prosecuted vigorously. Minors who are close to the age of majority (or close to being 18) who commit a serious crime, can be charged as adults and may face the exact same punishment as adults – sentenced to state prison in the adult prison system.

Contrary to general belief, Juveniles do not have the option of bailing out while their charges are pending, and more significantly, juveniles do not have the right to a jury trial when charged as a juvenile.

In all Juvenile matters, when appearing in court the minor must be accompanied by his/her parent or guardian. For more information about the court process, pleae see:The Juvenile Dependency Process

Many people think that juvenile convictions and juvenile records are automatically sealed once you turn 18.Unfortunately, that’s not true.While juvenile proceedings are generally confidential, the records and convictions do not just go away once the minor turns 18. Contact our office to get more information about juvenile matters.

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